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Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Volunteer and Internship opportunities are available in flexible time increments that match your needs, talents and experience goals. Due to the amount of training involved with anyone working on site at the center, preference will be given to volunteers and interns who are making a time commitment of a minimum of three weeks. 

  • Work in the aquarium 

  • Maintain livestock 

  • Perform aquarium maintenance 

  • Collection opportunities, when available 

  • Support active research projects 

  • Work with graduate students from UNAP 

  • Spanish speakers act as guides/interpreters 

  • Provide visitors with information on species biology and conservation, increasing their understanding of the human impacts threatening the region

  • Dormitory housing provided (double/triple occupancy) 

  • Some meals provided 



  • 18 or older 

  • Conversational Spanish Preferred 

  • Provide transport to and from Iquitos, Peru

  • Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

  • Demonstrate flexibility with work assignments based on center needs and research priorities

  • Must be a available six days a week


To Apply


Complete the application form below or download and submit it via email



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