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Helping preserve the biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon


Create a long-term, balanced ecosystem that serves the local economy, enhances the environment and protects over 300 species of ornamental fish.


Provide education and hands-on training to local fishermen on how to establish and maintain breeding ponds for ornamental fishes.


Support research focused on the sustainable breeding, conservation and ecology of ornamental fishes from the Peruvian Amazon.


Provide an educational and research facility to study the local ecosystem and educate the local population on how to sustain their valuable ornamental fish industry.

Transforming Lives

~10,000 people earn income from the ornamental fish trade.

The Amazon Research Center helps local villagers make a living in a manner that does not do further damage to vulnerable rainforest ecology.

How you can help.

There are a variety of ways that you can help support the research center.  These include donations, volunteering, increase awareness within your sphere of influence, take a field course and or apply for an internship.  For more detailed information on how your donation is spent please click on the “aquarium” tab on the top of the page or contact us.



If you are interested in conducting research at the center located outside of Iquitos, Peru, please click the link below and complete the online application today.

Hands On Education

If you are interested in conducting research at the center located outside of Iquitos, Peru, please click the link below and complete the online application today.

Make a Donation

Our goal is to provide education and support research that will facilitate the development of sustainable ornamental fish aquaculture in the Peruvian Amazon.  By building a public aquarium we will be able to provide education to the school children and as well as the residents in this region.  Current donations are being funneled to the completion of the aquarium including livestock, glass aquaria, pumps, housings, food, medicine, and microscopes.

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